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NationStates++ (often shortened to 'NS++') is a tiny, light-weight, and open-source browser extension for NationStates. Focused on an easy-user experience, it is designed to simplify the NationStates game, provide players with more data and information to make educated decisions, and provide more powerful tools to interact with other players.

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What Is A Browser Extension?

Browser extensions are tiny programs or apps designed to "extend" and add onto the existing features of your internet browser. All modern browsers support browser extensions, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Why No Internet Explorer Support?

Internet Explorer is not an open web browser and frequently does not support official web standards. In addition, it does not support browser extensions, and it frequently a target for malware and viruses. I suggest all Internet Explorer users upgrade to a free, modern browser, listed above.

How Do I Know This Is Safe?

You don't. While NationStates++ is an open-source browser extension, and so any developer with Javascript experience can inspect the code, that is not a guarantee of safety. Browser extensions do have an additional layer of safety, as the browser prevents addons or extensions from installing malware or harmful viruses. This layer security does not protect you from extensions that steal personal information or login information. Every program you install carries risk and relies on a certain level of trust. If you have specific concerns about safety or user security, you can telegram me or email me at Afforess [at] for additional information.

Additional Security Notes

The Nation Puppet Switcher only stores nations & password information locally in your browser local storage. This information is never transmitted anywhere, and never leaves your computer. In addition, I do not collect or monitor sensitive personal information or other identifying information.

Why I am I seeing an "Outdated NationStates++" warning banner?

Your browser likely does not have automatic extension updates enabled (this is a common problem with Safari). For Safari users, go to your preferences -> Extensions tab, and be sure to "enable" automatic updates. For Firefox users, go to Firefox -> Addons and click the settings gear in the upper right to ensure automatic updates are enabled.