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National FlagThe Pacific Folk Hero of Francos Spain

"Benevolent Francisco rules with his people at heart."

UN Category: Scandinavian Liberal Paradise
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:
Very Good

Location: the Pacific

Francos Spain is, and forever will be, a UN Delegate

The Pacific Folk Hero of Francos Spain is a massive, socially progressive nation, renowned for its compulsory vegetarianism. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 2.485 billion enjoy extensive civil rights and enjoy a level social equality free of the usual accompanying government corruption.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, liberal, socially-minded government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of the Environment, Education, and Public Transport. The average income tax rate is 100%. The private sector is almost wholly made up of enterprising fourteen-year-old boys selling lemonade on the sidewalk, although the government is looking at stamping this out.

The study of medicine is popular throughout Francos Spain, UFO sightings are listed daily in the morning news, tourists from around the world come to visit the country's famous rainforests, and the people elect the Supreme Court justices directly. Crime is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Francos Spain's national animal is the osprey, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the Iberian coin.

Francos Spain is ranked 1st in the region and 1st in the world for Most Enlightened Leadership.

Most Recent Government Activity: When The Pacific needed him most.

United Nations Status

Endorsements Received: 320 (Poskrebyshev, Unlimited, InfernoIce, Mammothistan, Bertram Stantrous, Black adder, Myrth, Isles of Wohlstand, Sixguns, LadyRebels, Sarda, 1 Infinite Loop, El Sabah Nur, Neo-Thule, Hyperactive Children, Galaisa, Skelters Skeletons, Augar-acin, Dingolia Futchnada, Aqaba, Ukla, El Malo, The Earl of Mart, Hirschon, The sarcastic twosome, Freedoms Border, Jultones, Sheepi, Serenati, Kyranics, Angst and Pain, Lands beyond, Dozastaria, Danscape, Benislavakia, Kooldom, Canastas, Henryjohn, Fyasadiapongulka, Jumbo Cactuar, Pierconium, Pracatao, West Mattasia, Kolbeckstein, Chuffs, Thessius, FataMorgana, Waiuku, Leeds Utd AFC, Spider Island, Pacifistica, Chocolatey, World Theocracy, Mondobongo, Quiskeya, Amy_sexy774, Nero1963, Gurumba, Kolliflowers, Lichtopia, Brion, Warrior Thorin, Naked Snake, Cabral, Staceonopolus, Damianland, MineSparkles, Jaque, Noompsy, Spelling bee champs, Vabariik, Maurathland, Vielridge, Mushiness, Ballby, Hobbit42land, NancyIuppaland, Battlefield Earth, Aisikuja, DTED, Graziano, Pacificonia, InternetLOL, Fangirlania, Chi-Ling, Michaeldome, Emperor Wu, The Foole, Mind-Numbing Boredom, Juanstapinopel, Mezarakahadreih, Zaivarz, Free RR, Grecharoma, Foolish squirrels, Kosar19, Blutark, Temegl, The London Underground, BoomerSooners, Aleara, Cypruzia, Litclone, Roobie, Crakhosia, CRM, Zarou, Slapshot, The Falling Noose, Digital Erebus, Delphine Wells, A-Sarat, Frelling Stonecolders, Chibbi, Livewell, Belfour, Catenia, Palandra, Warholian, Crocevia, Gowheth, Gendra, Clizz, Fuxo, Dragonia 5, Gadaffidad, Ironflower, AHStork, Evanopolis, Libriata, Tatton Grove, Wazoolia, Ninjapilates, Funktionalization, Patatonia ovest, Agotha, Estor, Zitma-cur, Lukowitz, Filon, Slapgnad, Reconstituted Cheese, Shwizz, Kuthsylvania, KrAzEHnesS, Mitsushima, CtLirt, Lidja, Chickencia, Jam Nation, Kravenia, Clan Donald, Caerus Romanus, Evil Psycho Penguins, Shootfoo, Eylisia, Kruunupaa, Ruapehu, Nukewinter, Sane psychos, Dawnalia, Gadzookia, Smudge the Ignored, Translucence, Muddy the Oracle, Archnos, Anvilfist, Kute, JayRomieO, Judycatia, Eagans, Giller, Land of the Sun, Y hello thar, Reshone, Snotzi, Masonics, Mabo Land, The Bulls, Morchesca, Jacob Eberhart, Graeme Phillips, Plott, Armbonia, Wolfenmark, Aleisyr, Sithan, Grrs, Arkash, Constanasta, Happyplace, Estanistan, Phil Borghi, Lueffelburg, Mr Lucky, Nokuy, Chakota, WeirdVille, Brymania, Lieutenant Surge, Dragyn majyck, Hollmindium, Leftwinglunatic, McDougall, X42-9, Karanian States, BobSteve, Ulcaster, Melgoria, Welcome-To-Hell, Revolutionary Activism, The legionary, DaeK, Sir Paul, Kielisch People, Lynxy_turd, Blight, Zeus Faber, Weebl the Pie Lover, Partachia, Esmereldia, HMA, Wrestrey, General Melchett, Takhesis, Madajafri, Teknorat, Etheldene Avenue, Andropov, Jesus66, PeopleEnjoying Libery, MASH Fans, Man Hating Lesbians, Atinlay Igspay, Occasus, Kotsu, Flamazon, Grand McFadden, Kantchell, Olshevsky, Major Tom, Josland, Mersimo, Phanloria, Virginia-Tech, Malachas, Mlldeal, MaryClare, The Compassionates, Freysville, San Torents, YongLurch, Excellence Mister Jim, Tahquamenon, Nephilim ex Machina, Moonsters, Raspberry_Rascals, Suterlund, Jetgriffithsland, The Gnu Union, Loladallas, The people of Nigeria, Reutlingen, Red Plum, Canada1, Ruminahui, Franco Soviets, Budeye, Megalomaniac360, Nucleo, Tolrem, I am always right, Megasteak, Mason Soprano, Satans Death Monkeys, Zeblania, Todomo, Justinias, Chultan, The supreme FIR, St Pius, Bastaopolis, Das Waffen Reich, Bobby smithy2, Istraland, Crazy Rat Bastard, Loistopia, Respublicas, Zanzigoat, Lunettia, Eke Eke, Arcatium, CybrVillain, Kailista, Johio the Great, Great Big Land, Mykotopia, Otter380, British Jimmy, South Campen, Garador, Meobius, Zeeania II, Chevodonia, Tolak, Marshallsea, TweakNews, New Coe, Triumphus, Woofer, FML, Rutenia, Melissande, BettyRubble, --Camila--, Kerisma, The Seventh Seraphim, Ramans)

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